I created this resource page as a reference for all of your interview preparation needs. This is a living document, so I’ll be adding more stuff here over time. I strongly recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Hope you find it helpful!

Disclosure: A few of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. I have personally used all of products and companies on this page, and I recommend them wholeheartedly because they’ve helped me in my own career at one time or another. If you choose to purchase through one of my links, I appreciate your support!

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Building Websites

  • Squarespace – If you want to get hands-on with building your website but don’t have coding chops, SquareSpace is the best platform to get started. Plans start at $8/month, and students who signup with their .edu email address get 50% off their first year! All their templates are beautifully designed, mobile-ready and awesome in every way. I highly recommend you check them out.
  • Bluehost – A solid choice to setup your website at a great value. Shared hosting starts at $4/month, which includes a domain.
  • ThemeForest – The best marketplace to buy (or sell) themes for popular platforms. I get all my wordpress themes from Themeforest and have been a loyal customer of theirs for the past 5 years. Full-feature wordpress themes range in price from about $40-$60, and deliver everything you’ll need to get started as-is or customizes them to fir your needs.

Job Search Engines


IFTTT – Short for “if this then that”, the IFTTT website and app let’s you build shortcuts into your life, at home, at work or on-the-go. It’s tremendously useful and I’m happy to say that IFTTT has really improved my life in several areas. As an example, I setup IFTTT to text me every weekday morning at 7:35am and tell me whether or not I need to grab my umbrella out the door. It’s a small yet significant addition to my morning routine. Sure, I could open the weather app and read the forecast, but what I really need is a simple yes or no. Umbrella or no umbrella. That’s it.

Browse their “recipes” or create your own. Some other useful recipes include:

Indeed jobs – Search the largest pool of jobs on-the-go with their mobile app.

Evernote – The closest thing to having a “brain repository” in the cloud. Organize notes, musings, photos, sketches, hyperlinks, video, sound recordings and pretty much any other nugget of information. Like many supremely powerful programs, it has a bit of a learning curve to get oriented and learn how to make it work for your needs. Luckily you can get a free Ph.D. in Evernotology here.

Exit Strategy – Riding the New York subway is always an interesting experience. For my New Yorkers out there, Exit Strategy keeps subway and bus maps at your fingertips, whether you have connectivity or not. That’s useful and cool, but here’s real secret sauce behind the app: it shows you which subway car to get into so that you’ll be closest to the station exit when you arrive at your destination.

Buddify – A great companion during your commute, especially while heading to an interview. Buddify offers dozens of guided exercises to take control of your breathing, mindset and perspective.

Dropbox – When presenting on laptops, tablets and phones, Dropbox is essential to keep all your files in one easy-to-access place. I store all my resume, portfolio and presentation materials in a dedicated folder, so that I can whip it out at a moment’s notice. You never know who you might run into during your day. Riding the elevator with the VP of Marketing? Keep your best work close and ready to show off with just a swipe!


DodoCase – Beautifully designed iPad and iPhone cases crafted by hand in San Francisco with traditional book binding techniques. They’re clean, sophisticated and sure to make a bold impression during an interview or even spark a conversation.

Indochino – Hey guys, need a suit? Boom, here’s your solution. Get a custom-fit suit made by a handmade master tailor delivered to your doorstep. Indochino has fashion-forward, on-trend styles and a slick interface that holds your hand through the measuring and ordering process. I got my name embroidered on the inside of the jacket for free, and even got $75 credit for my local tailor to do last minute adjusting! They’re an awesome company, and the only place I get my suits.

Eggpress Cards – My favorite cards for writing thank you notes. Each card is unique and most are printed on entirely tree-free (100% cotton) paper giving it a very personal touch. Designs are simple, creative and universal, and much higher caliber than the generic crap cards you’ll find at Walgreens and CVS. In fact, I have a box on my desk as I write this!

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